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7, 2005, entitled, “OBTAINING AND DISPLAYING VIRTUAL EARTH IMAGES” and co-pending U. The knowledge of places acquired by these visitors was then aggregated and assimilated into useful models that answered the question ‘what's it like there? Map making has largely been carried out by visitors to a particular place.Also provided is an active community for capturing, connecting, sharing, and visualizing information based on location.

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Also provides is on-line or real-time advertising based on a user's mapped location and/or a user preference. Local knowledge of a place is always better than what a visitor can hope to capture.

The disclosed embodiments are built on core premises: location relates otherwise disparate information sources, there is value in “tail” information sources, and tail information is (in many cases) intrinsically local.

These concepts together enable a self-sustaining ecosystem that is rich in relevant information.

However, if a user interested in purchasing a house is concerned about the traffic and weather patterns in the area, the user has to access each isolated repository of information separately.

This is not only time-consuming but can be frustrating especially if a user is not familiar with the wealth of information available and/or how to access such information.

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