Updating memory problems dating exeter

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We do not know if HP fixed the problem and it may still be around or surfacing again.

Change your default printer if you have other printers available.

Do not use a system printer as your default if you can avoid it.

See if there is an update to your printer's driver.

Specifically, it installs a COM add-in that monitors every action in Excel so that it can index it.

Two frequently mentioned as problems are Blue-Tooth and Adobe COM addins. Many Excel users will open new Excel sessions each time a new workbook is opened via double clicking on a workbook link.

To see if you have multiple sessions open, press ALT-CTL-DELETE and check how any Excel applications are running. Regarding other applications, it depends on what they are and how much memory they need before a problem happens. Some cases of out of memory or resources are caused by doing a copy and paste that is not valid.

Another solution is to specify a different printer as your default, even if you do not have the one you are specifying.

This means you will have to change your printer when you need to print, which is a headache.

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