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They specialize in business English and have both group and individual classes.

They pay around for individuals and for group classes. Duolingo was recently looking for experts in teaching languages and language assessment experts. To help with their platform, not to teach languages but to act as a sort of consultant.

It looks like they teach kids in China and the parents pick the teachers for their kids. Click here for comments and discussion about this company.

They only want native speakers with teaching experience from Canada or the USA. Topic-Time is a small American Skype company with Japanese students. Rype is based in the US and is designed for students on the go. Western Wise (website is down) is a small American company that teaches Chinese children aged 5-14.

They also want a committment of 1 year and someone with either a language degree, TEFL/Celta certificate or 3 years experience. Redwood Language (Skilled Business English) is a new company based in Texas.

They have their own platform and they are looking to hire business English teachers.

They want someone who can work 10 hours a week in the evenings. It’s not big, however, and when I applied they were only hiring teachers to start in a few months from when I was looking for a job.

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They offer a wide variety of curriculum and they do both group and 1 to 1 classes. Voxy is based in New York, they want native speakers with a degree or TESL certificate. They are looking for remote coaches who can commit at least 15 hours/week and as a human-centric company, prefer to receive cover letters with applications.

Click here for more information about How to Become an Online English Teacher.

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It’s a perfect job for those who have taught English overseas and are now looking for work back home.

It is also great for current teachers who are looking for more hours.

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