Single bayreuth

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The dresses were pretty, but neither sex was in evening dress.

The interior of the building is simple--severely so; but there is no occasion for color and decoration, since the people sit in the dark.

Next day, which was Sunday, we left for the opera-house--that is to say, the Wagner temple--a little after the middle of the afternoon.

If you are living in New York or San Francisco or Chicago or anywhere else in America, and you conclude, by the middle of May, that you would like to attend the Bayreuth opera two months and a half later, you must use the cable and get about it immediately or you will get no seats, and you must cable for lodgings, too.The number of the particular door by which you are to enter the house or leave it is printed on your ticket, and you can use no door but that one. It would be entirely safe, even if it were built of lucifer matches.If your seat is near the center of a row and you enter late you must work your way along a rank of about twenty-five ladies and gentlemen to get to it.Each row of seats extends in an unbroken curve from one side of the house to the other.There are seven entrance doors on each side of the theater and four at the butt end--eighteen doors to admit and emit 1,650 persons. This is better than having the usual (and useless) elaborate fireproof arrangements. It can be emptied while the second hand of a watch makes its circuit.

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