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What that aspiration is, exactly, isn’t yet clear, but the days when thousands, if not millions, of young women trained their gaze on a city life of flashy careers and upscale brunches and fabulous parties seem decidedly over.

If, of course, they ever existed in the first place.

Each character, but especially Miranda, is still smart enough to question this whole enterprise—one episode even has Miranda openly complaining that all they talk about is men.

Season 2 also hits some satisfying emotional highs as Carrie jumps back into an ill-advised relationship with Big, only to have it come crashing down on her in devastating fashion when he announces his engagement to Natasha.

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Worst Episode: “Games People Play” This isn’t the one with the “gay straight man” (an otherwise good episode that has Miranda, foreshadowingly, contemplating fertility), but it’s got weak conceits, like a guy who will only sleep with Samantha if his sports team wins and Jon Bon Jovi as a ho-hum one-off for Carrie, who finds herself in post-Big therapy.Season 5 also introduces us to the boring downer that is Jack Berger, a character that never gets off the ground and is played with an unpleasant sense of veiled anger by a bored-seeming Ron Livingston. Best Episode: “Critical Condition” When book critic Michiko Kakutani ends her warm review of Carrie’s book with a reference to the men in Carrie’s life being “disposable,” it sends Carrie into a tailspin of self-doubt that has her seeking out the woman who dated Aidan right after her.It’s a smart, searching episode that also includes a rare Miranda/Samantha dual subplot—one that acutely addresses the frivolousness of all this fabulousness.Here’s a ranking of the seasons, from worst to best, as it looks a decade later.What’s Good: Well, this is the season that started it all, that introduces us to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, and Big and a few other recurring characters.

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