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To date, it received five faithful (more or less) theatrical film adaptations, two faithful (more or less) TV film versions, one major West End/Broadway musical, and served as inspiration for such works as the film .

Most people when asked about the classic story, will bring up the 1925 version, mainly based on their remembrance of the classic unmasking scene: For this go-round, we open in the opera house as a production of von Flotow’s goes into the third act.

And like his inspiration doth said, to do a great right, his character did a little wrong.

The sheer glee Price brings to the role of Lionheart just radiates off of him in every frame.

And, hey, if the new Justice League needs a little help if they find themselves in, say, Cozumel, there’s someone nearby who could give them a hand; just saying…

Some of these deserve another look because sometimes not every film should remain obscure.

On stage the lead tenor, Anatole (Nelson Eddy), gives a grand performance, while casting an eye at the chorus girl Christine (Susanna Foster).

Having spent most of his career being kept from doing anything considered “serious” by critics, he gets a chance to go through most of Shakespeare’s oeuvre, hitting some obscure works as well as the better-known pieces.

There’s a sheer joy he takes in performing the Bard as well as the murders in this film.

There are some fantasy, science fiction, and horror films that not every fan has caught.

Not every film ever made has been seen by the audience that lives for such fare.

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