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Major League’s star Bandile Mbere has admitted he and Nadia Nakai are in a relationship – for nearly a year. He made this revelation in an interview with Times Live this week. It had been estimated Nakai had earned 500 million yen in 2009, but this year the Johnny’s talent has worked on drama series ATARU and been the main reporter for the London Olympics.On top of this, he has been given two new regular shows this year, プラチナイト (Platinight), which started in April, and ナカイの窓 (Nakai no Mado), which starts in October.Lastly, Kusanagi and Nakai did not forget to promote their product.“Like women take care of their skin, I hope men can take care of their hair.“When I heard about this offer, I thought they were joking.When I told my dad, he said, ‘will it bring back my hair? But my dad’s completely bald so I don’t think the shampoo will get bubbly.

Since the March 11 disaster, Nakai has been spotted visiting the disaster site several times to help victims.

When Nakai had touched back down in Narita Airport, reporters had asked him about the woman, but the SMAP star stayed quiet.

Previously, Nakai had been dating singer Kumi Koda before the two broke it off in February last year.

Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman made savant syndrome famous in the 1988 film “Rain Man” when he played an autistic savant with exceptional skills in memory and mathematics. “I’d always wondered what TBS had been doing these last 8 years,” he said. SMAP’s Masahiro Nakai may have a new girlfriend, it was revealed by Shukan Josei magazine in their latest issue, reports Sankei News and Chunichi Sports.

It has been reported Nakai admitted it would not be easy playing his character, but he had already started preparing and is now looking through real-life accounts of savants. The magazine went on sale on January 17, and reports Nakai has been seen several times with a woman in her late 20s who looks like actress Ryoko Kuninaka.

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