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They ignored his effortless grades because they knew he’d get into a good college off of a football scholarship.He’d tell stories at dinnertime of how he was dating someone new or of a ‘Big Game’ on Saturday. One day, at the beginning of his senior year, Sam went a little too far with five other of his football friends when they ganged up on a gay kid named Ethan in the gym locker rooms after class and began to call him ‘faggot’ while constantly whipping him with towels.He found pleasure in picking on those below him and consistently cheated on his girlfriends.Unfortunately, he would get away with all of it and enjoyed every moment of manipulating, taunting, and causing conflict between others.Over the course of a week, Sam would see another facial feature go absent from the man’s face every weekday.

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He didn’t dare to tell any of his friends because they’d laugh at him and would just tell him he was going crazy.Tears of relief flowed from Sam every night that week, because it was another completed day of him not seeing it’s horrifying face, which consisted of empty bleeding eye sockets, unnaturally dark eyebrows, and a mouth.On Halloween afternoon the next day, a school wide assembly was being held to inform the senior class of school events yet to come.Sam was going to speak on the behalf of the football team, and wrote his speech comfortably the night before.Sam walked up to the podium, his fear of public speaking absent.

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