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I write reports (transits and progressions) and monthy predicitions, look at relationships and also I focus on the fixed stars too, one of my specialities which few Astrologers concentrate on.I can be contacted on Skype and this is one way that I connect with clients around the world. G Sawant is a dynamic, multitalented & multifaceted personality.He can be reached at I am a professional Astrologer based in the UK (in the west of London) who has been studying the subject for around 20 years.I am more of a predictive and mundane Astrologer than anything else although I do tradional Astrology looking at natal charts.Volunteers who run the temple on day to day basis are so committed, god bless them. I drove 3 hours from Port Angeles, WA and happy I did!!

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Nala Saraswati has been a student of Vedic Astrology for 15 years and specializes in gemstone recommendation and creating jewelry for purpose of consciously working with planetary influences.

Acharya Gopal Datt sharma hails from state of Gujarat, India and has been performing pooja services and rituals in USA since 2000.

He has served at Bellevue Hindu Temple more than 30 years in India.

They are listed by their last names alphabetically.

If you can’t find your astrologer, check for a referral in the location or specialty sections of this site.

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