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It’s like if you were able to rewind through your high school years, you’d see something that surprises you, you’d be like, “Oh my god, that’s gross,” or “that’s awesome.” It’s pretty fun. I remember a distinct difference between before we were on Netflix and when we got on Netflix. People were just cramming it, and so now, yeah, it’s much different. JJ: What do you think your character Nathan would be up to if you were to reconvene? Probably embarking on some new career choice, because he can never seem to stay put in one thing for more than a couple years.

And if it’s one of the first few seasons, there’s scenes that I just literally don’t remember shooting because they were so long ago. The range of people that watch the show, or that has been exposed to the show, has grown so much because it’s been on TV, syndicated, and because it’s been on Netflix. I’m continuing to learn and grow, but it’s nice to make a little progress while you’re doing that.

And his shower is on the opposite side of the room from the mirror in the bathroom so that when Rob went to go to the bathroom he looked up into the mirror to see Hans Solo over his shoulder and I guess just lost it. So I think he tweeted about it or something, and then he tweeted #Blame James Lafferty because it was my Hans Solo cut out, when in fact I had nothing to do with it.

JL: I had this Hans Solo cut out at my house that we used to scare people with. And so Stephen took it from my house to work one day when he was working with Rob, and he put it in Rob’s shower in his trailer.

JJ: Is the whole season that arc of you being held hostage? We actually don’t know how long we’re going to be held captive.

The first season will probably play out over the course of that particular hostage crisis.

And when I look back, I kind of see that as the time when those worlds overlapped, of me being a kid and me starting off on this new adventure. JJ: Did you ever flip channels, then come across your show? It’s kind of hard not to click on because you never know what season you’re going to see. We got a setup at a pretty cool company and there’s not much I can really say about it now, but that part of my career I’m really happy with right now.

JJ: Can you describe your cast members in one word each? JJ: Wait, you’re a high school teacher and you’re held up in a mansion?? () I don’t know how much I can give away, because they’re very, very secretive. we’re on a school bus that gets taken hostage, and we end being held hostage. That’s when the energy is ramped up on set and I think it’s fun. JL: I guess working with the weaponry because there are a lot of guys around us that have some pretty advanced weaponry. JJ: Are they prop guns or real guns with no bullets? They take us all to a mansion at an undisclosed location. JL: They’re usually prop guns but every once in a while we are working with a real gun with no bullets, or a real gun with blanks. Makes me feel old, and it’s amusing at the same time. JJ: What did you learn being on a long-standing series that you have brought to this series? Just having that experience coming from , sometimes it’s harder going onto a show when you’re not one of the major roles.

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