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I have a keen, inquisitive mind, with deep interests in science, tech & the environment.

I'm passionate about my fields and value that in others, whatever their interests might be.

I am a strong-willed, dominant, capable, extrovert leader to the outside world, but I also have a much softer side. I have a habit of crashing the former (see pic) but thankfully not the latter! I am happy-go-lucky,but can be serious if the occasion demands it.

At home I am more introverted and need someone with whom I can allow myself to be vulnerable at times. I've recently recovered from a long spell of ill-health. I am a bisexual woman and I am genuinely just looking for friendship, I love meeting new people, I have a lot of friends but they are all straight and I feel like a part of my life isn't being fulfilled, I can't talk to them about bi and lesbian topics of conversation. I love being around people and I enjoy a good night out. I work in the fitness industry so working out and eating right are important but I try not to obsess too much. I am looking for that special someone to love and care for.

Some of my pics are up to 4 years old, hence the "podge" in more recent ones, eg. I'm now keen to get back into my adventure holidays: Skiing (cross-country, alpine, backcountry/touring and occasional heliskiing), SCUBA, sailing and hiking. The three most important things in my life are: 1) My dog. Although ambitious and career-driven I have learned the importance of a good work-life balance. I'm fiercely loyal, approachable and maybe a little fragile at times so be gentle! I enjoy crosswords n reading; I also enjoy healthy debate n don't mind discussing any topic.If you decide I'm not for you-I wish you well in your search.A general word of warning: If during a conversation with another member you are asked for money for any reason, however trivial it may seem-refuse, because you are being scammed!I enjoy walking-by the sea or in the country,n I can think of nothing better than to enjoy the outdoors with a partner,n find a local pub at the end of the walk,to enjoy a pub meal n drink.Where I live, there are no pets,so I make up for it by sponsoring a dog n a donkey.

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