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They taught me not only to pass dishes down to the next generation, but to also venture out of the usual menu and have some fun.

Their sense of adventure guides my desire to never stop experimenting, and to add a twist from the modern food world whenever I can.

D., started the season planting the soybean crop late and into mud, and then the weather changed."From June 20 onto the rest of the summer it just quit raining," he said.

The soybean crop finally got some rain in August and recovered, only to face another challenge with late season hail."It nailed some of our fields about 10, 12 percent damage so there's some stuff on the ground," Hanson said.

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It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. We met at the venue as strangers and left as firm friends 3 hours later and have been inseparable since....

Much of this blog is like a scrapbook, a memory box full of family, food, and special photos.

Most of these family recipes come from my mom and grandmas, who are also known for their creativity in the kitchen.

Farther north and west from Hanten's farm in Goodwin, farmers were hit by the drought early in the season and many in those areas didn't know if they would get a crop at all. D., said the land they farm west of Highway 281 was in the drought area, and by the second week of July, the soybeans had gone dormant."When you looked at where we were at in May, we had .38 of rain from the first of May to the 12th of June here," said Schaunaman.

"Late June, early July it didn't even look like we were going to get a crop.

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