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[6] On other occasions victims are trafficked for the sole purpose of porn production.In today’s era of webcams and chatrooms, the lines between interactive pornography and virtual prostitution websites have been blurred.At the same time, pornography is tolerated, accepted, openly defended, and even celebrated.[1] Society views sex trafficking as something we ought to combat, yet it sees pornography as simply another genre of entertainment.At this point, what we have seen is that the production and consumption of pornography in many instances fully qualifies as sex trafficking as defined by U. This is discomforting to know that in our legal system we tolerate and accept certain instances of sex trafficking.Even so, many instances of porn production do involve some level of force, fraud, or coercion; we just need some political will to investigate and prosecute it.

Sometimes acts of prostitution are filmed without the consent of the victim and distributed.

Recruitment for the porn industry occurs in many ways.

One former porn performer tells of being bombarded with calls to come and perform after posting a personal ad, while others were recruited through social media.

According to those who were in the business of pornography, there are times when girls are held captive on porn sets or driven under the command of a pornographer or agent to and from the sets, which would fit the definition of “harboring and transporting.” Finally the provision is tangible in both the physical acts that are documented and the product that is supplied to countless consumers across the world.

The porn industry is continually providing the world with commercial sex acts, which can be consumed without end. Yet, under the TVPA, only a “severe form of trafficking”—one that involves “force, fraud, or coercion”—can be prosecuted.

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