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We personally invite most of the participants to reach critical mass of ideas and talent for expanding the crypto into traditional economy."One of the great things about BEF is the economics.The conversations around economics are lacking in crypto community.

Non-royal dukedoms are associated with ducal property, but this is meant as the duke's private property, with no other feudal privileges attached.During the Wars of the Roses, the Duke of York made a successful entry into the City of York, by merely claiming no harm and that it was his right to possess "his duchy of York".Any and all feudal duchies that made up the patchwork of England have since been absorbed within the Royal Family.These were Schwaben (Swabia, mainly the present-day German state of Baden-Württemberg), Bayern (Bavaria), and Sachsen (Saxony) in pre-Carolingian times, to which Franken (Franconia, at present the northern part of the German state of Bavaria) and Lothringen (Lorraine, nowadays mostly part of France) were added in post-Carolingian times.As mentioned above, such a duke was styled Herzog (literally "the one who is leading [the troops]").

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