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Furthermore, assure them that your new relationship will in no way undermine or disrespect your child’s feelings about his/her father.However, if your kids resist, honor their wishes to take it slow.However, if your children are uncomfortable with your dating, then you can pursue relationships while your children are visiting their father or out with friends.The same goes for older children, even adult children: you don’t need to lie, but you do need to be discreet.It is one of those times when you can agree to disagree.Be aware that your roles keep changing – wife, mother, single mother, and now girlfriend.This new relationship may feel like the greatest thing that ever happened to you, but chances are your children will feel differently.Both children and parents need to recognize that this discrepancy is not only acceptable, it is appropriate.

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Please be mindful that your adult children do NOT want to hear that this is the best sex you ever had!

They may need more time to heal before they can embrace the idea of someone new entering your life.

This does not mean you put your own need for socialization on hold, but be sensitive to their needs.

Always be aware when children are in the house and proceed in your intimate relationship with the utmost discretion. One adolescent girl shared with me that she was concerned this new man was hurting her mother as he locked the bedroom door and she heard her mother crying out.

Another teenage boy, whose bedroom was adjacent to his father’s, shared his discomfort because he could hear the banging of the headboard!

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