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I don't know when it started, but I know a few weeks ago, at idle it would be no higher than 2-6% each.

My Google-fu must be weak, because so far all I've been able to find are:(1) Problems with using 100% of CPU (not in my case)(2) Problems with getting hijacked by Sasser (pretty sure that isn't it since everything else is fine)(3) Six-year-old Problems with in Windows 2000 (I'm running XP SP2)I know lsass has something to do with controlling user accounts, but I'm the only user of this computer, so there's only one account (guest is disabled). Everything else about my system seems stable and fine, and there haven't been any crashes (yet), but I'm not very comfortable with half the CPU being used for something I can't see.

But that option is by default disabled, thus resulting in standard behaviour that your carefull placing of objects is down the drain! I doing some testing in 4.2 and I'm seeing some disturbing results.

net use \[server]\[share] /user:[username] [password] /P: Yes and that was that, it worked.

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