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Basically, they connect to the internet and the program watches for a particular word or term to be seen.That then activates the program to begin recording that particular data stream.

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Even if it were argued that it is technically a crime, for which there is a strong argument, it would not be enforceable because no amount of forensic analysis of your computer could show that you are in possession of illegal content.The US government already has been caught using keyword triggered tracking on high level network transfer lines and that was quite a few years ago. Perhaps, but they would have to be watching the conversations as they were happening as opposed to after the conversation ended, I presume...I don't think chatroulette keeps old conversations but I could be wrong. I can't remember the name of the system the government was using but it was all over the news.My question involves criminal law for the state of: DC I'm 18 and I think I sex chatted with a 16 or 17 year old once or twice on omegle.Not for more than 5 minutes (not that it would matter I guess).

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