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Learn how Delta Lambda Phi came to be, and how it is evolving today.

How terribly lamentable to such a child that it is not the custom for boys to play with dolls, that Santa Claus will not bring him any dolls, too, and that he is forbidden to play with his sister's dolls!

Even a cursory review of the science tells us that gays indeed are born that way.

In humans, this sexually dimorphic region is called the INAH3.

Simon Le Vay's research has found that the size of INAH3 in gay men mirrors that of women, while straight men's are considerably larger than both.

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One exception to the lack of interest in the details of what exactly gays are born with was a 60 Minutes piece in 2006 on the "Science Of Sexual Orientation." Intrepid reporter Leslie Stahl profiled two sets of identical twins to illustrate the overlap of sexual orientation and gendered traits. But why is Leslie Stahl bothering small children whose gender and interests don't conform to societal expectations?A good place to get started is the Brother Services page.As a child, the Urning manifests an entirely unmistakable inclination toward girls' occupations, toward the company of girls, toward playing with girls' toys, especially dolls.Namely, gay men are shifted towards the feminine: "what's striking is the large number of traits in which gay people's minds are at least part-way shifted in gender-atypical direction" according to Simon Le Vay, a neuroscientist whose own research on sexual orientation is often invoked by the "born that way" side.To put another way, even pro-gay researchers have found that under controlled experiments some well-known stereotypes about effeminate gay men contain at least a "kernel of truth." While confirmation of these stereotypes goes relatively unmentioned in most of the press, this gay effeminacy is foundational to the conclusion that gay men are born that way.

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