Birth order traits and dating

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"I have to remind Eric he's not the parent," says their mother, Amy Bouma, of Springfield, Virginia. Firstborns model parents' behavior -- like Eric does when he "disciplines" Jack.Because firstborns follow their parents' lead, they like taking charge and have oodles of confidence, says Kevin Leman, Ph D, author of (Revell).When parents gush over every firstborn "first," it motivates oldest children to achieve.Proof of this: Leman recounts a corporate seminar he conducted for CEOs in which 19 of the 20 attendees were firstborns.They don't have older siblings to make fun of them when they learn to tie their shoes or ride a bike.

Certainly, throughout history, there have been occasions when determining a child's placement in the family was of utmost importance.The birthright of firstborns meant an opportunity to inherit family fortunes, even entire kingdoms, along with the burden of responsibility for the remaining family members.Scientists have done some interesting studies to evaluate the role of birth order in the development of personality.Personality doesn't hinge on the biological fact that a child is born first or seventh."It's the roles siblings adopt that lead to differences in behavior," Sulloway says. attention differ depending on their position in the family lineup.

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