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Just give Spice and Wolf some time it grows on you ;) Also, there are two movies already??? Even in her happy moments she sounds like one of the goth kids from South Park. Say I watch Future Diary, "whoa, that's a lot of death and gore and Elfen Lied level dismemberment, time to watch a happy and cute K-On episode before tackling the next gory FD episode".

All I know is I'm ready for some more high altitude I. I'm starting to like Drama/Slice of Life series now Another Drama/So L series I enjoyed was Usagi Drop. I'm pretty much stumped so hope youse guys can help Preffered genres: Mecha (but good, not some generic tripe) Comedy Drama (think Clannad and Usagi Drop sorta drama) Horror (real scary stuff though, not stuff with slight undertones.

;) Anyway kiddies, It's time to guess what Uncle Fluffykins has been watching. ) 16: Valkyria Chronicles 17: Batman" Gotham Knight(? Not a bad anime very interesting type of powers the main character has, depending on whoever who pulls whatever the hell it is he pulls out. Will say one thing though: Soundtrack is ****ing awesome : D But then again most anime from Sunrise always have awesome OSTs Up to episode 12 of Guilty Crown and besides some amazing on/off visuals/animation/detail I can't say I actually like the show. I think everyone here has watched berserk and/or the new OVAs, and if they haven't they should be educated soon. As far as I understand Light Yagami can apparently suck it compared to the antagonist in Monster I think they said he's name is Johan something or another. if you are in the whole action tourney fighting thing. If you want comedy go for Baka and Test first, if you want adult humor most things with school girls in them are the way to go but do yourself a favor and start with Great Teacher Onizuka and/or Golden Boy. Success is right in his grasp, however his mother, to his dismay, keeps trying to get him into dead-end jobs, because he's still unemployed and she's worried this "gaming" thing will lead to him becoming a hobo.

I watch nearly everything in English, so bonus points for guessing which 2 in this list were Japanese only : P 1 0012 0023 0034 0045 0056 0067 0078 0089 00910 010.jpg11 01112 01213 01314 01415 01516 01617 01718 01819 019.jpg1: Ao no Exorcist 3: Code Geass 8: Cowboy Bebop 9: Guilty Crown 10: Tengen Toppa-Gurren Lagann 11: Highschool of the Dead 12: K-On! Weird stuff keeps happening, they can't seem to decide what to do with the characters and when something important happens the entire plot swings in a new direction -but we still have those "We know exactly what's going on, everything is planned" dudes. Somewhat reminiscent of Death Note in the whole manipulation scheme in my opinion, and it is very detailed if you can bear a slow start in my opinion. Apparently kills children for fun too from what I've heard O_OOn the final episode of Baka and Test season 2. Other than that I recommend quite a few others that I have recently watched, just scroll a few pages back and check out the ones we talked about on this here forum. Suddenly he wakes up on an island, with no idea how he got there.

I watched the first episode and kinda forgot about it, with carry on soon and hopefully get into it. After the surprise smash hit series, with a cast of girls without any sort of "fan-service", hopefully this 3rd movie that continues the plot of the series (that was recapped in the first 2 movies) will be equally awesome. I know she was Rei in Evangelion and Juvia in Fairy Tail but that's just it!

Trailer clearly shows all the girls (minus Madoka) with Soul Gems again, so... Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne (Hope they dub the 2nd season at some point)RESULTS: 1. The character Yuno isn't a depressed character, she's supposed to be unpredictable and ****ing scary overall.

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