After updating bios audio clicks

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Advice for preventing buffer underruns is scattered throughout this FAQ.A brief summary: Also watch out for things like anti-virus programs that wake up, virtual memory settings that cause swapping, screen savers that activate during the CD creation process, unusual network activity, and background downloads of data or faxes. You may need a newer version of the software for correct operation with your hardware (yes, even if you received the software with the recorder).Most, if not all, CD recorder software publishers have web sites with updates.Having this on can interfere with closing sessions or even just inserting discs into the drive.Most of the recent software will disable it automatically, but some of the older products require you to disable it manually.

Under Windows, rename \Windows\System\Iosubsys\scsi1to something that prevents it from being loaded ("scsi1hlp.vx_"). scsi1is only required for compatibility with old SCSI devices.Another option is Win Tasks from see for a tutorial.(Side note for search engines: some versions of Ahead's Nero refer to buffer underruns as "loss of streaming".) Some of the Windows-based recording software recommend turning off Auto-Insert Notification.One way to check is to run the HD defragmenter in Win9X.If it restarts every few seconds, it's because something is hitting the drive.

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